Best flowers for cut arrangements to intensify your home decor


We all enjoy the elegant decor of a place, right? It just makes the place more likable and attractive. The decor of a place holds a lot of value in deciding if you like a place or not. So, the decor is an important aspect of a place. We all want good decor for our home that is loved by everyone, agreed?

Decoration of home decor, these are the two words that are high on-trend. People have started focusing on the decoration part of their place because they have understood that decor is the first thing that people notice when they enter your home. Your hospitality is still the second thing that they will count on. Of course, how you have kept your place, how it smells and the colors speak for themselves. So, if you haven’t focused on your decor, it’s never too late. If you want to make some changes or simply just want to play around with the decor to give it a twist, then you are in the right place. When people want to try something different for their place but still don’t want to keep it simple, I always suggest that they take the help of flowers. Flowers are a very delicate yet trendy way to enhance the look of your house. Even in the movies, you may have noticed time and again that flower vases are very common in houses. This is because they add an oomph factor to the place. So, you can order flowers online and put them nicely in pretty vases to make the picture-perfect decor. If you want help with shortlisting which flowers are best for this task, let me help you.


We all have seen these flowers at some point of time in our life. You may not be aware of this name, but it is a common flower that is found in floral arrangements. I’m talking about the flower that stands tall in the back of every bouquet. This flower is the most famous bulb that gardeners prefer to grow. A gladiolus stem is expected to grow to the height of 4 to 6 feet giving out very tall flower stalks. Though the flower of gladiolus is pretty, but the flower is a thirsty one so you will have to keep an eye for water and don let it go dry. An amazing tip about gladiolus is that you can even open a premature bud by putting warm water in your vase and then cover the flower with a plastic bag. You can expect this flower to survive up to the span of 10 days when cut and put in a vase.


Sunflowers are a happy flower and I would suggest always keep a set of sunflowers at your home for a positive vibe. This flower has a happy bright yellow color that instantly lifts up the mood. You can easily grow sunflowers at your place and then chop them every now and then to add them to your decor. Also, you can send flowers to your loved ones if you grow them at your home. The vibrant yellow-colored flower can be added to a dull room as it will add a pop of color. You can use it in a room where there is no focal point. It will change the whole vibe of that room.


Growing tall and sturdy, tulips also look great as a cut arrangement. You get ample color choice with tulips, choose the color according to what suits your decor the most. With regular water changing cycle, you can expect tulips to last for about a week. That is a good time for a cut flower to survive. Its bold appearance adds beauty to the room. The amazing fact about tulips is that it is one of those rare flowers that show some growth even after they are cut.


Next on the list are carnations. I don’t know why, but I love carnations very much. This flower is one of the most underrated flowers out there. It has everything that you can look for in a flower – pretty color; check, pretty design; check, delicacy; check, elegance; check. I mean what is not there to love in this flower? This ruffled beauty is a total elegance for your place. You will simply love carnation flowers at your home. The flower is available in lots of pastel tones that please the eyes of an onlooker. You can place this flower as a centerpiece on a dining table. The best part about carnations is that they are one of the longest-lasting flowers out there. They prefer full sun so keep that in mind before placing them. Also, they look great even when cut short for a smaller vase.

These are the few names that make beautiful cut flowers to intensify your home decor. You can but it through online flower delivery in Kolkata or in your city.

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