How to Easily Reinstall Windows 10 Without the Bloatware?

Reinstall Windows 10 Without the Bloatware

With the help of Windows 10’s “Fresh Start” feature, you can reinstall Windows 10 cleanly in a few clicks without the bloatware junk.

When you purchase a computer, it is filled with junks known as “Bloatware”. These are the unnecessary applications preinstalled by computer manufacturer which slow down your computer’s performance.

They take your storage as well as the RAM. Despite that, bloatware also possesses a threat to the computer. They can expose your computer, making it vulnerable to cyberthreats.

For the first time, Windows 10 has given an easy solution for this bloatware problem- Fresh Start.

It not only reverts your PC settings but also eradicate bloatware. This feature is in the new “Creators Update” and helps you in getting rid of the spammy apps and services.

Please go through this post, as we’ve provided the steps to use this feature to reinstall Windows 10 in both Creators and Anniversary update easily.

What is the “Fresh Start” feature and How it Works?

The Fresh Start features do a factory reset and perform a clean reinstall Windows 10.

It leaves your data intact, backs it up, settings and some native apps. When you choose the fresh start, it will remove almost all the applications from your system.

Then it downloads a recent version of Windows 10 from Microsoft’s site and installs the fresh copy in your computer. During this process, it restores the backup data, settings and Windows Store apps.

This is a handy feature because it gets rid of the bloatware for a clean reinstall of Windows 10 plus you don’t need a USB or CD to reinstall Windows 10 again.

The process is straightforward; we’ve provided the steps for it. Even regular users can easily reinstall Windows 10.

And for technicians, it will save your time to reset and install Windows 10 on new computers quickly.

Do this before you use “Fresh Start” to reinstall Windows 10

After you use the Fresh Start features, almost all of the application installed in your computer will be deleted. I know, there are significant drivers and software installed, but it can be downloaded again from their official websites.

A simple reset will just factory reset your computer which means all the manufacturer’s software (including bloatware) will come back.

The good news with fresh start is that the application you don’t use plus the 3rd party bloatware application which came preinstalled will be deleted too.

All the applications decreasing your system’s performance will be gone. Though Fresh Start features keep your data before it reinstalls Windows 10 again, I would suggest you back up the data yourself.

Despite that, you should also keep all the license key/registration key of necessary application before you choose to fresh start.

Get all the product keys of your essential software like the Microsoft Office. When you reinstall it to activate the software, the product key will be required.

Applications can be installed from their website but if there is any authorization or activation key, make sure you note then somewhere before the reset.

How to Use “Fresh Start” to Reinstall Windows 10 in Creators Update?

Windows Defender Security Centre includes the “Fresh Start” feature. You need to upgrade to the Creators update if you want to use the application.

If you’re using or upgraded to Anniversary update, we’ve also listed to steps below; you can check them out.

For those who have upgraded to Creators Update, follow the steps below to use Fresh Start.

  1. Go to the Start menu and click on Windows Defender Security Center.
  • When the Windows Defender Security Center window opens, click on Choose Device perform & health.
  • Under Fresh Start (it’s at the bottom), click on Additional Info link.
  • Now, click on Get Started.
  • If there is a prompt asking permission to allow the app to make changes, click on Yes. The Fresh Start window will appear.
  • To see the list of apps what will be removed, click on Next.
  • After you review all the list of that will be removed, click on Next.
  • On the Let’s get started window, click on Start to begin the process. Wait for 20 minutes or so for the process to complete. During this, you can’t use your PC.
  • After the process complete, there will be a clean Windows 10 installation. If software and drivers are not auto-downloaded, you can head over their download page.

How to Use “Fresh Start” to Reinstall Windows 10 in Anniversary Update?

Though Fresh start feature is the best way to clean bloatware junks, you can get rid of them even with the Reset Your PC feature. Before you begin, make sure to backup your important files.

Now, follow the steps below to reset and reinstall Windows 10 and get rid of bloatware.

  1. First, go to Windows Settings. When the window opens, click on Update & Security and then on Recovery.
  • Now, under Reset This PC, click on Get Started.
  • Reset This PC window opens. Choose from the options- Keep my files or Remove Everything. Either way, Windows will delete most of the installed applications.
  • On the next window, select either Cloud download or Local reinstall.

Cloud will download 4GB of Windows 10 files from Microsoft. The local reinstall will use the Windows installation files on your computer.

  • Click on Change settings on the Additional settings window.
  • Now, set the Restore preinstalled apps to No. This won’t let Windows to reinstall your PC manufacturer’s applications automatically.
  • After that, click on Confirm and continue with the reset process.
  • Once you’re done with the reset process, you’ll have Window 10 reinstalled without any bloatware applications.

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