Remote Spy Secret Screen recorder for Android


If you want to look at the screen of your target’s cell phone and their tablet, you need to monitor things from your naked eyes, and everything must be real-time. In addition to this, you need to perform all the surveillance on the target cell phone in real-time. Moreover, you can perform live surveillance of the recording series and the target phone screen quickly. You can also monitor all the live recorded videos in a short period, and you can do everything with the help of an online control panel. Introducing MocoSpy.

MocoSpy spy screen recorder 

·       For parents 

You need to monitor the activities of your young teens on their smartphones. Moreover, you need to monitor if something suspicious is happening around them. So rather than fighting with the teens all the time, you by yourself-need to monitor the cell phone usage to know what is running behind the curtain. In addition to this, parents can monitor everything that is happening behind the curtain of their kids with the Spy Secret screen recorder of teens.

·       For employers 

It is a matter that a single mistake can lead to a more significant loss for all business owners. Therefore, it is a must to know what their employees are doing all day while sitting on their office desk.

Hence for a reason, all the screen recording will deliver everything for the employees in the form of short time videos.  Moreover, you can monitor with the help of the online control panel. 

Remote screen recording enables you to do:

  • Remote screen recording on cell phones
  • Real-time recording on the android screen
  • Watch all the live recordings on the MocoSpy control panel screen.
  • Make short videos in the form of a proof.
  • Manage passwords, keystrokes, and other media sharing
  • Track YouTube, emails, passwords, and others

Installation of MocoSpy

You can download MocoSpy by the following step:

·       Register 

First, you need to register yourself on the official website of the MocoSpy.

·       Download and Log in to the online control panel

After downloading, you need to login to the online control panel.

·       Start spying 

Once you have done all the above procedures, then you can enjoy spying.

Features of MocoSpy remote screen recordings 

The best part of this Android spying software screen recording is a reputable application out in the market. Moreover, it offers highly appreciable monitoring services and excellent customer services. It also offers parents and business owners to track people with superior technology. 

·       Recording screen with MocoSpy 

MocoSpy offers monitoring options like email tracking, SMS, and tracking on different social media applications like Facebook, Viber, and Skype. Moreover, you can view GPS locations, videos, and online history. Furthermore, the keylogger is also part of this technology. 

·       Limit screen time

MocoSpy limits the screen time of the target cell phone. Moreover, it will allow your kids to use the screen for the minimum time.

In addition to this, you can easily monitor and even block the applications for specific times like homework and bedtimes. 

·       Track keystrokes to know what is happening

With this feature’s help, one can quickly get to know all the strokes on the target device. It also includes what is happening behind children’s cell phones and when it is the time to protect them.


As a responsible parent and the business owner, you just need to pay attention to what is happening to your children’s cell phones. Also, You can keep an Eye on Kids and Employees, it is an essential tool for you. MocoSpy is one of the best tracking tools which is designed to monitor children. Moreover, you need to make sure that this app is installed into their device. 

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