Shehnaz Gill: Sidharth Shukla is the reason that I am watching ‘Bigg Boss 14. I won’t watch the show after he exits.

Bigboss 14

It’s been seven days since ‘Bigg Boss 14’ began, and one of the principle features of this season is the presence of ‘seniors’ – Sidharth Shukla (champ of ‘Bigg Boss 13’), Hina Khan (Runner-up of ‘Bigg Boss 11’) and Gauahar Khan (winner of ‘Bigg Boss 7’) – in the house. Every one of the three were incredibly famous during their separate seasons, and alongside watchers, numerous previous competitors are likewise viewing the triplet’s most recent spell on the unscripted TV drama with distinct fascination.

We found Shehnaaz Gill, one of the most mainstream hopefuls of ‘Bigg Boss 13’, whose savage devotion towards Sidharth was one of the features of the last release. Discussing her perspectives on the continuous period of ‘Bigg Boss’, she says, “I am following the season, and I feel that everybody’s genuine nature will be uncovered in the long run. Regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt to act all sweet and decent, ‘Bigg Boss’ will draw out the genuine you. Tumhari asli character baahar nikalva howdy deta hai. The show tests you and your understanding. Be that as it may, till now, the current hopefuls appear to be confounded about what they need to do inside the house. They don’t have a perspective and are excessively dependent on the seniors. While the presence of seniors sets up a quick associate with the crowd, the disadvantage is that the freshers aren’t playing their own game. Rivalry nahi hai.”

Shehnaz feels that during the past season, which additionally highlighted her, the competitors had made an honest effort to make an imprint for themselves. “Hamaare season mein pehle week se lekar end tak jo bhi raha hai, sab apna best dekar gaye hain. I don’t see that drive in any of the current competitors. Kuchh karna hello nahi chahte on the grounds that seniors hain. Indeed, they are being distant constrained by the seniors,” she says.

Numerous watchers have believed that ‘Bigg Boss 14’ resembles an expansion of the past version, as Sidharth keeps on being in center. Point this out and Shehnaz says, “‘Bigg Boss’ more likely than not got these seniors which is as it should be. Sidharth Shukla is the TRP ruler. Show thoda chal raha hai usko daalne se. I am sure that many individuals watch it as a result of him. Having said that, it’s a twofold edged blade. The freshers have not had the option to make a spot for themselves. They are stating, ‘Seniors hit jaayenge tab greetings khelenge’. In the event that I were an aspect of this season as a fresher, I wouldn’t follow a senior indiscriminately. I have my very own brain aur primary sab danke ki chot standard karoongi. My recommendation to the current contenders is, khud ka vajood rakho, lado, bhido ek dum sher ki tarah. Kisi ke aage peeche poonch boycott kar tangle raho. Apna game khelo without being egotistical. Apna stand toh har koi le leta hai, however doosro ka stand lena seekho.”

Since she has been following the show strictly, is there anybody she discovers counterfeit? “I am stating, counterfeit dikhao yet kuchh toh dikhaao. Kuchh dikh hello there nahi raha. I am watching the show as a result of Sidharth Shukla. I won’t watch it after he exits. Jitni der woh ghar mein hai, dekhungi, baad mein nahi dekhungi,” Shehnaz answers.

The Punjabi kudi is all applause for her companion, Sidharth, and his game on the show. “He is playing truly well. Achha slack raha hai aur uski satire achhi slack rahi hai. He is playing with young ladies, however in a solid way. Many individuals are making a decision about his lead outside the house, yet I realize him well and can vouch that his expectation is unadulterated. He can’t resist if the young ladies are groveling over him (grins). By the day’s end, he needs to converse with somebody inside the house,” she closes down.


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