The application process of Ceramic laser engraving machine

Ceramic laser engraving

The new industry that is slowly but surely taking up a large place is none other than the Ceramic laser engraving machine. There are several uses that these machinery provide to help their customers. In a normal process, it could be suggested that the general category of the laser marking is for the creation of the permanent markings that one needs and want to process for their requirement as well. One of the possible advantages of using these materials is the versatility that it provides to the customers. The essential versatility of the products makes it an ideal choice for any industry bereft of their uses and process to choose from. Other than these there is some other industrial range of uses as well that these provide to the customers. Have a close look at these to get some help.

  • Time and date-based stamps
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcodes and logos
  • Data matrix codes for 2D

What are the engravings and etching?

Normally most people have an idea that both the work of theCeramic laser engraving machine that is etching and engraving is completely equal to one another. In reality what they fail to understand is that both the processes are completely different from one another based on their value and process. One of the most key differences that each of the products considers among it is that when the etching of the machine tends to increase, it is then considered as the deep engraving process. When you choose to opt for a method, you unknowingly decide whether you are choosing an etching or engraving process to select. Now, in some industries there are some particular depths in regards to the regulatory standard that you need to follow. Other than those it’s quite easy to take a note of the complete process and ideally depend on the same.

Get to know the basic process of the engraving works

The entire process and the method that is being used by theCeramic laser engraving machine is quite easy to deal with. You need to understand what is best for your use and then decide on the possible value of the complete process. Some of the crucial fixes that helps the entire process to work are identified in the following section:

  • Creation of essential and permanent markings with a certain beam of concentrated light focused on a steady point
  • Use of a focal point that creates small beam to perforate the material creating a certain range of marking
  • Heat allows the materials surface to alter as per their need and specified surface
  • Complete result in smooth, lasting mark with high contrast readable information’s

In most cases the entire laser etching process tends to range to a certain depth of about 0.0001 inch in particular for the entire engraving process. In some cases, the mark also tends to value up to 0.0005inch. The type of perforation tends to decide the actual reality of the marking that is being required for the system.

Types of technology that makes these work

The entire Ceramic laser engraving machine consists of additional value that might help the complete process to get what they need. The marketing process helps to create a final mark on the laser technology as per the customer’s request. A few and yet common process that are steadily being used for the engraving process are:

  • Fiber based laser marking machine – Several materials starting from steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium could be marked by the help of these
  • CO2 laser machine – The best and ideal for the use of plastic, wood, and glass-oriented packing substitutes
  • Green laser marking – a very shooter-based wavelength for light etching materials

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