What is Cyber Protection and Cloud Backup?

Cyber security

It’s not a safe world–technically speaking–especially if you are running a business, and have to deal with important data.

Over creative and technically sound crooks are on the prowl, eager to steal your data, make you bankrupt, and tarnish your business reputation and standing in the market. Even natural disasters could take a heavy toll on your priceless data and business reputation today.

If you are not safe, then you will be sorry soon–rest assured! Now you can’t just relax after making a copy of your important files and pictures the way you did before. You never know what may happen in today’s scenario.

So, what’s the way out?

But don’t worry!

Every problem comes with a solution.

Well, get Cyber Protection!

Cyber Protection

Also known as Information Technology (IT) Security, it basically refers to the body of technologies, procedures, and practices crafted to keep networks, gadgets, programs, and data safe and secure from all kinds of cyber attacks, damages, and/or illegal access.

Why it’s needed?

It’s required because today Cyber attacks and digital spying are the top threat to national security, eclipsing even terrorism. Besides, companies transmit sensitive data across networks and to other gadgets in the course of doing businesses.

As the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks jump, firms and organizations–particularly those tasked with safeguarding information involving national security, health, or financial records–require taking steps to protect their sensitive business and personnel data.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a step further in the direction! Get cloud backup services from an organization you can trust with your eyes closed, to keep the chances of all untoward, natural and man-made, developments away. 

What’s Cloud Backup?

It’s an excellent method to store the copies of your computer files with safety so that you don’t lose them in case something untoward happens and your PC or laptop gets lost, destroyed, or attacked by the dangerous ransomware.

Ransomware is nasty software application that infects your PC or laptop. It shows messages asking you to pay money so that you can access your system and files all over again. This category of malware is actually a criminal moneymaking system that cyber criminals install via misleading links in an e-mail message, website or on the spot message.

With Cloud Backup, you can store the copies of your files securely with a trustworthy provider, like Acronis for instance, on their remote servers, called “the cloud.”

Backing up your file to the cloud denotes that that if somebody steals your PC, or if it gets lost, or its hard drive crashes, or a cybercriminal infects the same with the dangerous ransomware, you don’t have to lose your sleep over losing your precious files that you require the most.

Some Qs & As

Now some questions with their answers!

What does it denote to backup data?

As mentioned earlier, it’s your way of helping to protect what you have on your system, via making a copy of it at a different place. You may backup data to a physical hard drive that’s separate from your PC or gadget, or you may back it up online with cloud storage. You may usually run a backup manually as required, or plan automatic backups to your online cloud storage.

What’s storage in the cloud?

Cloud storage or backing up to the cloud is a good and effective method of storing your priceless data with a reliable service provider that you access through an online connection. Cloud storage providers store this data–such as your important documents, work materials, and/or photos–with their servers that they run and make secure.

It’s the responsibility of the storage provider to keep the servers 100% safe and running, to enable you to access your backed-up data at whatever time you want.

Why You Need A Powerful Cloud Backup Solution for Your Business?

The reasons are many. A report says that as high as 90% of businesses that lose service or data for more than 10 days become bankrupt inside just 1 year, and more than 40% of such firms never manage to start their services for a second time.

– Security From Hardware Failure – hardware & storage disks may fail at any time even as you MUST have regular data backups available on a separate set of hardware.

– Natural Tragedies – These may take place any time, and result in a heavy loss for you and your clients. When you have a copy of your data at separate place, it improves your situation and cuts down the affect extremely.

– Data Corruption – Software incompatibilities, malware / ransomware attacks or unexpected power loss may create havoc and corrupt your important business data. In such a situation, backups become tremendously crucial for the recovery of data.

– Human Fault – intentional or non-intentional human operations can lead to the deletion of business critical data. Backup services offered by enterprises like Acronis may help you recover your accidentally deleted data–reliably and without difficulty.

How does backup help in case of ransomware?

When you back up your computer’s most important information, you get peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a backup of files to restore, if something happens and you require the same.

In case a cybercriminal “locks up” or encrypts what’s inside your PC or laptop, and manages to stop you from accessing them, then you would be at a great loss, if you don’t have a back up copy. Particularly for your most crucial files that you don’t wish to lose, backing up provides you with a great way to keep your important files and pictures safe and secure in case of loss, courtesy of ransomware.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

This takes us to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud!

Latest AI-Powered Integration of Data Protection & Cybersecurity

In today’s digital world, you can’t afford to view data protection and cybersecurity as separate tools for addressing the existing threat setting. You need an all-inclusive solution.

Keeping this need in mind, Acronis combines the conventional data protection and cybersecurity into the new discipline, called Cyber Protection, and it seeks to bring the 5 important pillars of Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity and Security (SAPAS) on 1 single platform.

It’s perhaps the first and exclusive cyber protection solution that integrates backup, disaster recovery, next-generation anti-malware, anti-virus, and cybersecurity and management tools–each of these in 1 single console.

Days of Backup Are Over

As mentioned earlier, now conventional backup is dead as it’s not secure enough, even while the usual anti-viruses that you will find in the market today will not be able to offer any major protection for data against the new and emerging cyber threats. Yes, the legacy solutions won’t anymore offset the dangers the businesses face today!

Against this backdrop, it makes a lot of practical sense for companies–especially those involved with health systems, banking & hospitality services–to make their technology applications secure, to reduce the high dangers offered by the modern cyber threats.

As per a report, in the wake of a jump in the number of cyber threats in the UK, Acronis’ Cyber Protection Research Center stopped 12% more threats for its users in April 2020, vis-à-vis to March. This makes the product indispensable.

What’s New on Offer?

The latest security offering from Acronis shows the amazing powers of integration. As mentioned earlier, the application features 1 unified licensing model, 1 single agent and backend, 1 management console, 1 user interface, and a high level of integration among services – sharing data and automating actions to enormously make the safety & security for endpoint and edge gadgets better.

Perfectly tailored to help protect your business, Acronis Cyber Protect merges many protection tools into a unified approach, in the process, allowing you to provide your customers with an integrated data protection and cyber security solution from just 1 installation.

Developed on top of the Acronis Cyber Cloud platform, this single solution removes the conventional endpoint protection complexities, via combining: backup, disaster recovery, remote desktop, AI-based protection against malware and ransomware, besides security tools.

For MSPs: The tool brings vendor consolidation and frees up time so that they can devote time for other more important business operations.

For companies & people: It enables them to keep an eye on gadgets and automatically prevent all kinds of dangers from creating problems.

Important Features

  • All-inclusive protection of videoconferencing (examples: Zoom & WebEx)
  • The system runs a 100% automatic check, and informs the user that the call is completely secured
  • URL filtering/phishing protection
  • The system informs about the various dangers and stops the mean sites
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Desktop connection
  • IT administrators may access remotely
  • Perfectly tailored for service providers
  • Software patches may be applied remotely

Cyber Protect Cloud: Other Top Options

Fire eye Cloud Security

Since keeping your cloud safe & secure is a continually evolving problem and most traditional security tools can’t address, FireEye approaches cloud security subject holistically, with powerful solutions that merge visibility, protection, and an all-inclusive variety of services so that you stay well protected and secure even while you have a cloud backup of your important files and pictures.

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